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Introduction:-There are more India’s company are going to providing work from home jobs, free online work from home jobs. Now days the Online Business is growing in India very fast. So we are start the work from home jobs, offline Data Entry Content/ Document editing / Proof Reading ) Job. The basic work is typing in Ms-Word & correction the mistake word.

Our company also provide some free online work from home jobs for freelancer, fresher, college students, house-wife, retired person.

Now demand on online Ad Posting jobs in globally as a data proofreader, you will get assignment to read through manuscripts and Websites to look for grammar and spelling errors. You will be proofreading the following. Dissertations, Essays, Research reports, Applications Novels, Short stories, Screenplays, Scripts, Articles, Books, Manuscripts, Proposals, Business plans, Presentations, Advertising copies, press releases, Newsletters, Resumes, Cover letters, Dating profiles, Personal statements, Website text, Auto responders, Forms and letters….

If you have good grammar and spelling, this is a great opportunity. You can make very good money doing this type of work all in the comfort of your own home. Out of all the programs I offer, this is the only one that will requires testing and certification. I can help you to get certified. After you are certified the opportunities are endless and pay from Rs.8/- to 12/- INR per assignment for online and off-line proofreading opportunities. Pay will vary depending whether you work  off-line.

Though most people are confident using computers and software such as Microsoft Word and Works to spell and grammar check articles, books, newspapers, magazines, course work, leaflets, pamphlets, instruction manuals, etc there is still a demand for free online work from home proofreaders and copy editors. This work involves checking a manuscript and typescript galley and page proof.

This article will discuss how you can earn from proofreading, the advantages and disadvantages of working as a proofreader and where to find employment as a freelance proofreader. There is also an excellent recommended course for those who wish to gain a qualification in proofreading.  For typing, grammar and spelling errors by the author, the copy editor and also the typesetter. Some editors and publishers also ask their proofreaders to spot factual mistakes in the editorial and any potentially libellous statements.

Payment & Schemes

offline registration fees
Terms & Conditions:-
1. The Allotment of job is purely contractual work for the duration is as per plan, and is not, in any way related to employment directly or indirectly. Request once made not transferable.
2. Universal Info Service will be activate the user account only after receiving the full registration fees i.e. after receipt of Cash / Demand Draft or Money Order, Pay order/ upon realization of payment. No refund of any kind shall be made by the company.
3. The assignments will be provided by Universal Info Service in Zip File Format only. The company will not accept done work in any other format. In this case user account will be terminated, and we will not be responsible for this. Mention Registration Number and file name clearly in the same manner that has been given in Technical Instructions. The processed data work should be returned under the given time frame described in Project Detail to Universal Info Service otherwise user account can be Terminated.
4. The Company’s system will check the accuracy of completed data and all concerned outputs shall be notified about the same through dvr (Data Verification Report) via email.
5. No dispute shall be entertained regarding Data Verification Report. The accuracy will be decided by the technical officials of the company and is final and cannot be challenged.
6. You are not allowed to use any software for converting image file to MS-Word. If found we will terminate you. Because when you use software’s it changes the Ms-Word file codes which is not visible to us. Also these files will be immediately rejected by company systems.
7. All files will be .jpeg files, in Zip Format. Just click the Zip files and files will be saved on your PC. These .jpeg/.jpg can be easily open on any computer.
8. ACCURACY IS CALCULATED:- Here per image file you are allowed to make at the most 6 mistakes. If you make more than 5 mistakes in any single image file than that page will be disqualified. Accuracy is calculated as follows:-


Formula : Total Image files – Total Disqualified image files x 100 = Accuracy %age
Total Image files

9. Minimum 94% accuracy allowed for getting the payment, less than 94% accuracy is not allowed any payment.

9. Minimum 94% accuracy allowed for getting the payment, less than 94% accuracy is not allowed any payment.

10. Payments are made every month between the 7th and the 15th day.  In case of non receipt of payment, Re-payment is made on 22nd of every month.

Note: If you have any further query about our data entry services, you can email us at [email protected]

Complaint and Jurisdiction:-In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the candidates (User and Company) here to relating to or arising out of this terms, including the implementation, execution interpretation, rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission there of , including the rights, obligations or liabilities of the parties (user and company) here to , the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration .The Indian arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 or any statutory amendment or re-enactment there of is force in India, shall govern the reference. Either party shall appoint their respective arbitrator or the arbitrators thus appointed should appoint the third arbitrator who shall function as the presiding arbitrator. The venue of arbitration shall be Coochbehar, West Bengal state only. The courts in the city of Coochbehar, West Bengal    shall have exclusive jurisdiction entertain, try and determine the same.
(Given below the Offline Data Entry Job Demo work, so click in link for download the demo work, it will take few time for download.

 Demo work