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Proof Reading FAQ

Proof Reading Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Proof reading job FAQ >> here we have tried to answer few common questions regularly asked by job seekers. Please check, still if you have any more questions you can always contact us.

01. What is the minimum age and who can join it? 
The minimum age is 18 Years. It is open to all be it a housewife, student employed, unemployed, retired person or anyone who is interested in an additional income opportunity.

02. Why outsourcing of work?
Presently bulk of the work comes from different library. Quality work & customer satisfaction is of outmost importance. Outsourcing is necessary for the reasons like on – time delivery, quality English, Skilled and cheap man power, time convenience between different nations, No Working Durations, etc.
03. Why there is a need of proof readers?
Firstly, the amount of work is huge and it’s growing. Secondly, people are more depended on computer and for this simple reasons more data has to be made available on net and to do so proof readers are required to maintain accuracy of digitized data.
04.  Do I require any specialized skill to work?
No basic computer skills and English knowledge will do along with basic internet operation of opening and surfing the net is all that one requires. Otherwise it takes a week to learn in any cybercafé. Basic knowledge of English and opening internet pages is enough to get started. For further details visit or our office Universal Info Service (UIS, India)
05.  What is online proof reading job?
Simple & time saving as one can operate from home any time of the day i.e. 24 hours at your spare / convenience. One has to register with our Company. And all you have to do match the scanned image with typed texts like a proof reader.
06. How do I register?
Fill up this online form and send payment as instructions provided, or Walk into our office Talk to any of our executives. Complete the formalities and sign the company contract. We will provide you with your username, password, server website & full instruction. Next using the same you can start the work at home or any place of your choice.
07.  What will be the exact format of the work?
It is very simple typing job or technically speaking the format is image in jpeg files and a box containing typed text of the image, you have to check the accuracy of the typed text with the image file. Every month there will be some proof reading job allotted to every registered subscriber.
08.  How to do the work online?
Once registered with us or any other company one can login using the username & password given by the company. One will come across the instruction page & server button to get connected to the file server . First one should read the instructions carefully to start work.
09.  How to know that my work has been submitted? 
Clicking the proper button one will come across the following line – “Thanks for submitting the work.  Job status updated successfully”. This indicates that one has submitted a valid job. Valid doesn’t mean that it is cent per cent accurate rather it indicates that an assignment has been executed. For any error one will get an error note direction to resubmit the work.
10. Is there any limit to assignments, can it be done on daily basis???
Basically this is a part time work but if one is interested he can do it full time. There are two options we generally offer i.e. either as a Silver Member or as a Gold Member. Our basic pack requires a maximum of 200 assignments again the best part is that there is no limit for minimum assignments. One can submit a minimum of “0” to Maximum of “200” assignments. For example 5 files today, 0 files tomorrow, will be counted. Each proof reading job will contain 4 to 8 lines only.
11.  What is the time frame for each assignment to complete?
Best part of the assignment is no time limit. As we are more concerned regarding the accuracy & quality of the completed work. Within 24 hours a minimum of any number of assignments & maximum one can complete 200 assignments. One can take as much time as wanted to complete a single assignment. End of the day assignments completed will be counted and will be sent for departmental checking at our end.
12.  What if the job can be complete less i.e. one or two per day than 200 Assignments Daily? 
No problem even if it is 1 file daily, it will be registered. On the other side for the other side a maximum 200 as a Silver Proof Reader & 300 as a Gold Proof Reader can be executed. But by the end of the month or 30 days, overall files completed by you should be as follows
Silver Proof Reader – A minimum one should have submitted 1000 files & a maximum of 6000 files per month in order to be paid.
Gold Proof Reader – A minimum one should have submitted 1000 files & a maximum of 9000 files per month in order to be paid.
13.  What if I complete more than 200 assignments daily?
There is no need to do any extra because daily first 200 assignments only will be considered for Silver & Gold member’s valid rest will be automatically rejected from our server.
14. Can I submit the work all at once or in different times in a day?
One can log in daily and enter the member’s area any number of times. One can complete without being feeling tired and can complete the work in different time and in installment.
15. Is there any problem logging in from home and from office?
No, it is not a problem. One can submit the work from any place of one’s choice. Our company at the most considers only two IP address for home and office to maintain a standard and privacy of the system. Any problem with IP address please let us knows through mail and we will help you with further information or status of work by email.
16.  After the execution of work what will be the role of your company?
As soon as one submits the assignment company will keep the  copy of the submitted work to your control panel under “works done by me” link. So that one can cross check any mistake if present.
 17. What will be the working hours? 
There are no such working hours. One can log in any time of the day and start completing the assignment. Daily working hours is 24 hours starting from 12 mid night. One should consider timing as per the country of residence. Working days are from Monday to Sunday. As Our cli ents servers reside on USA (-5.00 hours GMT) , their is a date time shift of 5 hours less than GMT. That means while you are in India  (+5.30 hours GMT) work started after 10.30 AM will show your present date but work started before 10.30 AM will show previous days date. But that’s not a problem, you can work any time round the clock.
18.  How the accuracy is calculated?
As discussed earlier quality work & customer satisfaction is of outmost importance. Hence 95 per cent is the minimum accuracy required to get payment for a your all assignments. If accuracy is less than 95% than there is no payment. Assignments having more than 1 mistakes will not be accepted.
19. What type of mistakes / errors will be counted?  
Normally in proof reading, spelling mistakes, commas (,), full stops (.) will be counted as errors.
20. If I submit and feel that I made some mistakes can I resubmit the same?
This is not possible. Hence it will be informed prior the job starts. Once submitted the work it’s very difficult to re launch the same. The file will be blocked from reviewing.
21.  What is the mode of payment after completion of the given work?
Our system of payments is simple. They are made every month between the 7th and the 15th day.  In case of non receipt of payment, it is made on 15th of every month.
22.  If I worked for the first month & like to take leave for few days, will this be possible? 
Yes it is possible, but to take leave in between work at least 7 days intimation through is preferable vide, mail, phone or chat. For example, you started the work on 7th of June and did work till 15th of June, and for some reason, you want to continue rest of the job from 1st July, in such cases, you have to intimate us before 20th, means you have to send mail or chat, you should intimate our executive.
24. For every valid assignment what is the volume of amount?
Payment totally depends upon what accuracy one submits. As discussed earlier 95% per cent accuracy is subjected to payment. For every such submission or successful assignment Rs.1.00 will be paid to “Silver member and Rs.1.00 will be paid to “Gold Member”.
25.  Do I have to pay any tax for my income or your company going to deduct any tax from income?
No absolutely not. We deduct taxes at source @ 5.1% TDS from your total monthly income.
26.  Will I get the chance to see my checking report to know where I made mistakes & why assignment is disqualified?
To go through the checking report one has to wait for 15 days after the months work. The list of files and mistakes will be made for one to cross check. Detailed checking report will be available on email address. By post you will get a one page report of overall month performance, along with the payment if any. Assignment normally gets disqualified either when it is incomplete or if there be more than 1 mistakes.
27.  What will be the contract period of work?
 It’s a 6 month contract with the companies; just you have to be consistent with your accuracy.
28. Do I get work continuously every month? 
Bulk of the work originates from different library. As mentioned and discussed earlier these companies are more concerned with the quality, accuracy & punctuality of the delivery. Universal Info Service procures this assignment with specific responsibility and within specific time frame. We also in due course set a specific time frame with our members to execute the job and see that the job is  completed in a specified month well in advance to check and cross check it before completion. These conditions are to maintain our professional attitude and prompt services, which in return brings us more jobs / assignment. Our reputation is fairly high among the various vendors and library from where we pick up jobs. If we are not satisfying there requirements we will fall back in this fast moving world and new company will take over. Hence we try to maintain our reputation and are always in look out for sincere and hard working people who are eager to grow fast with us.
This concept to have a regular supply of work and to keep a good reputation in the circuit of proof reading jobs we are serious about the recruit.  During registration, we try to influence the same company’s concept. We do try to develop leaders and counseling is done. Among our registered participants we do have candidates who give us better output. We always stress accuracy with more submission of assignments that too in time and in phased manner. We do maintain a huge workforce to keep up with the pace of the job.
29. What are the rules for terminations of contract? 
If any operator is submitting less than the specified correct assignments in first 15 days, account will be terminated or warned as the case may be. The submission is of prime importance to us and this is made known to all registered personal.
If any operator is submitting less than the specified correct assignments in 30 days from the activation date, account will be terminated. The submission is of prime importance to us and this is made known to all registered personal.
If any of our registered data entry operator violates any of the terms & conditions of Universal Info service (UIS, India) than the account will be terminated. We will help you grow with us.
If operator is outsourcing or re distributing work to other people the account will be terminated. This has been discussed in detail in FAQ number 30.
30.  Can I outsource the work taken from your company?
No this is strictly prohibited. Outsourcing refers to getting things done from out house instead of getting them done in house. As the person attending or getting info from our company by registration will be issued username and password by our company. Moreover a person who is registering with us is also signing a contract papers. Redistribution of work leads to distribution of issued username and password. This may ultimately create a chaos. Again outsourcing or redistribution can lead to further change in rate contract etcetera misleading people. Ultimately this process spins out of the system tarnishing our company’s image. To stop such redistribution we have system to detect that more than one person using the same account to get into the unique account. We will easily detect if the work is submitted by more than 1 person and terminate the contract.
31.  How many accounts can I open? 
We will advice you to start slow and once one pick up the system. You can open 1 number of account in your name. Once you develop the required efficiency one can contact us for more than 6 accounts or for various other assignments.
32.  For problem whom to contact or consult? 
 One can directly mail us in the following address-
E mail ID Corporate: [email protected] 
E mail ID Customer Care: [email protected]
E mail ID Information : [email protected] 
33.  Can I visit your office for help?
One can also walk into our office and talk to any of our executive. Our customer care executives will solve all your problems.
34. Why Universal Info Service are charging registration fees?
Universal Info Service’s administrative charges are based on our infrastructure which helps in starting the project within 24 hours. Companies who offer data entry jobs never publish the details over internet. We also have a networking system for marketing department, as well as human resources. The website, office, manpower involves cost hence to start with we charge a minor amount in the form of registration fees.
 35. After registration how long I have to wait to start working?
 Registration might take a day depending upon the mode of payment, yet we try to complete it within a day. Other formalities ranging from 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours, which is rare but will be completed won’t delay the work to start. On receipt of the payment Universal Info Service (UIS, India) will get the server details where one have to work along with the username and password. One can taste our professionalism and our prompt services.
 36. How can I trust your company? 
Universal Info Service is more than 6 years old and already created a nice for ourselves in the net. With Six  years of operation, over thousand online advertisement and corporate office at Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India. We have a registered Office at the following address complete from all aspect to check our authenticity and existence. Contact person is Sawmitra Sarkar, the director of the unit Universal Info Service is more than four years old and already created a niche for ourselves in the net. With four years of operation, over thousand online advertisement and corporate office at Cooch Behar, West Bengal India. We have a registered Office at the following address complete from all aspect to check our authenticity and existence. Contact person is Sawmitra Sarkar, the director of the unit
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