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Business Systems Analyst jobs in Linkedin

JOB OFFER/CATEGORY – LinkedIn hires employees from all over the world. The company’s posts are demandable in the recruitment zone, some of which include – Senior Financial Analyst, Director Business Development, Technical Manager, Software Engineer and Site Reliability Engineer.
QUALIFICATIONS – A candidate should be a BS/BSC/BA/BBA/B.Tech/MS with a minimum of 3 years of experience.
SKILLS – LinkedIn employees are hired based on their skills in numerous fields. They are – Consulting, Business Management, Writing, Research, Data Analysis and Problem Solving.

            Designated PostsAvg. Annual Salaries of Employees ($)
Business Systems Analyst165,323
Technical Manager117,666
Senior Data Scientist183,273
Software Engineer156,844
Site Reliability Engineer191,183

Benefits: LinkedIn provides various additional benefits for their employees. Some of which are – Health Insurance, Work Flexibility, Paid Leave, Health and Wellness, Childcare, Meals, etc.
COMPANY NAME – LinkedIn Corporation
COMPANY PROFILE – LinkedIn was formed on May 5 2003, by Reid Hoffman. The company’s current CEO is Ryan Roslansky. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the U.S. With over 740 million employees in more than 200 countries, its total annual revenue in 2020 was more than $8.5 billion. Its major subsidiaries are Learning and Connectifier.
DESCRIPTION – LinkedIn is an American-based business job aimed at online service, which manages through apps and websites. People use LinkedIn for paid networking and job-seeking while on the other hand, corporations use it to hire and share information with considered employees.
LinkedIn helps customers to create a profile which includes details and experience of their work, qualification, skills, training with an attached personal photo. The website allows members to build connections with other members of the platform which may boost relationships with professionals. Members are allowed to invite anyone to form a connection and thus, members can acquire introductions from connections of second degree to third degree.
With the growth of the company, the growth of the employees also expands. The employees at LinkedIn provide security to their jobs, which emerges in the improvement of the workplace culture which results in development towards its services and products. An individuals LinkedIn profile shares the recent achievements of their company which will lead to its culture and brand of the employer.
ADDRESS – 1000 West Maude Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA
BUSINESS NATURE – For professionals who all are career-oriented, LinkedIn has proved to be an important asset for them as it deals with client relationships and acquires resources and aid. Freelancers, Domestic-based business holders develop their business with the help of LinkedIn and it also helps them to reach the outer world.