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International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)

JOB OFFER/CATEGORIES – There are several posts at IBM for recruiters but the highly demandable posts are as follows: New Graduate, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Technical Specialist, Project Manager, Java Developer and many more.
QUALIFICATION – A candidate should be a Graduate/Post-Graduate with a minimum of 3 years of experience.
SKILLS – IBM hires their employees based on their skills in different fields. They are – Communication Skills, Adaptability, Customer Focus, Logical Reasoning and Analytics, Teamwork, Taking Ownership, etc.

          Designated PostsAvg. Annual Pay-Out to the Employees (Rs)
Project Manager10,67,351
Delivery Manager12,17,427
Technical Specialist9,17,555
Software Developer3,95,683
Software Engineer4,85,791

Benefits: IBM provides various additional benefits for their employees. Those are as follows: Health Insurance, Job Training, Soft Skill Training, Education Encouragement, International Relocation, etc.
COMPANY NAME – International Business Machines Corporation
COMPANY PROFILE – IBM was established on June 16 1911, in Endicott, New York with headquarter in Armonk, New York, United States. Its key founder is Charles Ranlett Flint. As of 2020, with over 345,900+ employees, the company’s worth revenue income is US$73.6 billion. IBM serves in 177 countries.
DESCRIPTION – IBM is an American-based technology corporation that provides products and services globally on a vast collection, which comprises Cloud Computing Solutions, IT Security, Machine Learning, Data interpretation and IT Outsourcing. IBM has been labelled as the crucial brand, over 100 years of its performance.
Cloud Computing comprises Infrastructure, Software and Platform service provided by the sample of hybrid, public and private cloud. IBM planned Hardware which includes Power Microprocessor, Secure Blue and True North. IT infrastructure provides services of IBM in 60+ data stores globally. An initiative was put into force by IBM i.e., Smarter Planet which attains economic development.
IBM internationally has proven to be the largest workforce and they are referred to as IBMers. The company has numerous development and achievement strategies for their probable employees which will help them to grow in their business. The company’s plans of work from anywhere, open-door strategy encourage, motivates and relaxes their workplace culture. In 2015, IBM gave choices to their employees of selecting Mac as their basic tool with other options such as a Linux Distribution or a PC. The company organises alumni programs for their former employees.
ADDRESS – No. 12, Subhramanya Arcade, Bennerghatta Road, Bangalore-560029, Karnataka, India.
BUSINESS NATURE – IBM prepares advisory assistance in fields varying from data processing to nanotech. The company manufactures and trades computer software, hardware and middleware. IBM changed its business performance which focused on greater value to the commercial market.
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