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• is an American based multinational technology company focusing on Internet-related services was launched in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with its headquarter in Mountain View, California nicknamed as Googolplex.
• On September 7, 1998, it was first incorporated as privately held company.
• “Google” is derived from a misspelling of “googol”, which indicates to the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros.
• About 14% of its stake and 56% of the stockholder voting capacity through super voting stock are owned by both the owners.
ADDRESS: – 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
BUSINESS NATURE: – Google’s business nature is to provide the most valuable and appropriate information to people through its service of search engine. The other products of provide with different services of work productivity, time management, cloud storage, messaging and video chat, video sharing and many more.
• Business Operations
• Engineering Operations
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Legal and Public Policy
• Marketing and Communications
• Product Management
• Sales, Operations and Enterprise
• Software Engineering
• User Experience
QUALIFICATION:-A person with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a good scholastic record and good information about internet and numerical analysis.

• JavaScript.
• Smart Creative.
• Knowledge in Mathematics.
• Leadership.
• Algorithms and Data Structures.
• Information on Cryptography.


Designated Post Annual Payout to the Employees (₹)
Software Engineer 14,80,627
Campaign Manager 13,10,295
Software Developer 6,03,818
Data Analyst 4,09,804
Account Strategist 11,58,601
AdWords Account Strategist 10,85,264

• Pension Plan
• Medical Insurance
• Maternity Benefits
• Paid Vacation
• Paternity Benefits
• Stock Options

ABOUT COMPANY:-Google is a US-BASED International company that specializes in technology which are related to Internet services and commodities, which comprise of a search engine, online advertisement of technologies, cloud computing, software and hardware. It is launched in 1999 by Larry Page. Google is regarded as one of the Big Four technology-based companies alongside Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

Google declared schemes to reorganize its several interests and partnered with Alphabet Inc. It is the leading subsidiary of Google. Larry Page became the CEO of Alphabet and Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google.

Googlemade alliance with Google Search, a search engine. Some of its services are Google Docs and Gmail for work productivity, Google Calendar for scheduling; Google Drive for storage; Duo for video calling; Google Translate for language translation; Google Maps for navigation; Google Podcast for hosting; YouTube for video sharing; Google Photo for editing and many other services are also available. is referred to as the most visited website in the world. The company’s revenue in mid-October 2013 was recorded as $14.89 billion, 12% growth as compared to the previous quarter. Google’s market capitalization had developed to $397 billion by January 2014.

By December 2018, Google has about 98,771 employees on which 39% of its employees are women and 69% are men. Its employees are hired on the basis of the hierarchical structure. Employees are divided into six hierarchies depending on work experience and can vary from an entry-level data center employees at phase one to managers and engineers at level six. Google operates a policy of Innovation Time Off for engineers to motivate them to spend 20% of their work period on projects depending on their interests.

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