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HR Jobs in WIPRO Ltd.


Wipro is one of the directors in empowering IT solutions and benefits for the marketing sectors in India.
Focuses on the beneficial presence in the marketplace of consumer outputs and developments.
Wipro has been certified as the world’s first PCMM Level 5 software industry.
Based on security measures, Wipro Ltd. is the first company to be authorized in BS 7799.
Recorded in March 2015, Wipro has 158,217+ employees checking over 1000 firms, existing in 67 countries.
ADDRESS – Wipro Limited, Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru 560035, Karnataka, India
BUSINESS NATURE – Wipro is a source of information in technology-based commodities and services. The company contributes to IT Solutions and IT Services. Its goal is to set up a new type of assistance corporation which functions with business and IT administrators to provide successive outcomes for clients that develops measurable importance.


• IT Software-Engineer
• IT – Mobile Developer
• Engineer (Core, Non-IT)
• Sourcing and Contracting
• NET-Developer
• WebSphere Admin-Administrator
• INFOR M3 ERP – Technical Consultant – Lead
• Sales Representative
Qualification – The candidate should be a Full-Time Graduate from BE/B.Tech/5 years Integrated M.Tech.


• Quantitative Aptitude
• Logical Reasoning
• Collaboration and Teamwork
• Verbal Ability
• Basic Programming and Computer Fundamentals
• Work Principles and Professionalism


Designated Post Annual Pay-out to the Employees (Rs)
Senior Software Engineer 7,40,568
Senior Project Engineer 7,00,000
Software Developer 4,95,891
Technical Lead 12,29,437
Systems Administrator 4,00,000

Benefits –

• Paid Sick Leave
• Adjustable Time Schedule
• Job Training
• Education and Travel Allowance
• Soft Skill Training
• Team Outings

DESCRIPTION – Wipro Limited is one of the third-largest company in India which is a multinational Indian corporation. It allows details in technology, business methods and consulting services. The company was formed in 29 December 1945 by Mohamed Premji in Amalner, Maharashtra. In the year 2013, Wipro established its privately-run Wipro Companies by separating its non-IT businesses. In March 2020, the company has changed its policy to Anywhere criterion where employees can access their works from anywhere in the world.
The company contributes unified business and present solutions to consumers across the globe. Wipro delivers business importance to customers by the means of Information Technology Service, Business Process Outsourcing Services and consulting services and many other IT Services. Wipro partnered with Motorola and created an alliance namely WMNETSERV Ltd. which works for conveying elite services to telecom operatives in the field of network operations.
After Abidali Neemuchwala resigned from his position as the CEO of Wipro, Thierry Delaporte was appointed as the new CEO in 6 July 2020. At the beginning of 2000, Wipro showed to be a developer of three businesses – healthcare technology, IT and customer care and lightning. With this, the company created a wide range of premium products and services. Wipro as a conglomerate industry has a total revenue of Rs 63,862.60 crore (US$9.0 billion) in 2020. Its total net income is Rs 9,722.30 crore (US$1.4 billion) in 2020.
There are many business ethic aptitudes taken for the employees at Wipro such as Integrity Manual which showcases how the employees at Wipro should attend business with its customers. This policy counsels them through the tough decisions that they face while implementing their roles at their workplace and helps to build confidence within the customer’s suppliers and investors.

Wipro’s pricing strategies in the marketplace is as extensive as its contribution. The company gained enormous profits over the last few years. The profit of the company is growing rapidly due to its utilizing of its fixed benefits in every year.