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Reg Fees

Note:- It is not to be mistaken with dubious fly-by-night operators, or any Get Rich Quick Scheme. Neither is it a Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Matrix, nor any Pyramid Program.

Reason for collecting the Registration/Subscription fee?

The reason for collecting the Registration fees is for Consultancy Charge + Online Training + Account activation + Account maintenance + Online Support a complete support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for cross checking the reports submitted by the members every month and collection expenses to collect payment from client by our executives.  Membership fee is non refundable and we are not responsible if you don't take our support or if you don't work.  
Company Policy - We believe people are our strength and they are fundamental to our.
Registration  Registration is open to all with computer literacy and one can register themselves as and when possible. By calling / mailing / Visiting us. There are various grades of Registration. Only one registration is permitted per individual. The details of the schemes will be available at our office during registration or on line on inquiry.



100% Job Guarantee!! Start Your Job within 24 Hours. 


Package Fees Validity INCOME & Rate of Per Valid Ad Post Available/ No
Student Pack  Rs.1,600/-  3 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.3/- 

 INCOME- Rs.5,000/- to Rs.10,000/- Per Month
Starter Pack  Rs.2,110/-  4 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.4/-

INCOME- Rs.8,000/- to Rs.12,000/- Per Month
Package - A  Rs.3,420/-  6 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.5/-

INCOME- Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/- Per Month
Package - B  Rs.4,630/-  6 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.6/-

INCOME- Rs.12,000/- to Rs.18,000/- Per Month
Package - C  Rs.6,080/-  6 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.7/-

INCOME- Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- Per Month
Special Package  Rs.8,370/-  5 Month

 Per Valid Ad Post Rs.10/-

Monthly Income- Unlimited

 Not Available




Now you get per ad posting, per ad hits/response & referral income. 

Ad Response & Referral Incentive:- Now you get per affiliate register with email verification Rs.3/-  & Rs.300/- on every direct Joining/Selling Package of Ad Posting Job Package A, Package B, & Package  C. only. Always use your affiliate link provided by our company and share it to Friends. The affiliate links free on every joining.

Earn Rs.200 to 300 For Every sale Made through your Posted Ads. (Additional Earnings)








Registration Fees

$85 US


$125 US

$160 US



One time registration is 6 Months Validity

One time registration is 6 Months Validity

One time registration is 6 Months Validity








Payment Eligibility:-
Payment Eligibility:-

For every candidates work and processing their jobs we need to invest a lot of human and other resources. If someone registers with us and doesn't work properly, at least up to a minimum volume, not only s/he losses the opportunity but our resources are wasted and we incur loss.
 So, as per our rules candidates must ensure they work and generate at least Rs. 500/- approved earning for them in every single month.
Important note:- If company  found 1st time any illegal  work like  wrong url submit, special character use etc. in your account then you will not liable to get the full payment, company deduct 50% payment from your earning  as a penalty  and your account also will be suspend ,if company found 2nd time any illegal work in your work then company will be terminate your account on without any prior notice
Induction of Fresh members - Register members are liable to get a commission for introducing fresh / new members for the company @ Rs. 170.00 Rs. 200.00 and Rs. 250.00 respectively for introduction.
The payments can be done in Cash / Money Order / Draft. These are the accepted mode of payments of our company. Registration is valid for a period of Six Months only. For payments drafts to be drawn in favor of 'Sawmitra Sarkar' or Universal Info Service™ payable at  Siliguri or Coochbehar,  West Bengal, India. 


IMPORTANT:- We are always suggest you that read the details terms & conditions/demo work before joining. You can contact us on helpline number at 03532461473 or 03532110484 for work details.



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Important Notice:-

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